After a long time of waiting and a lot of work, the Shake Out in Twin Falls is officially back open for business. Their first official day open was Tuesday, June 30th and they will be having a grand opening event next week.

I reached out to Shake Out on Facebook and they confirmed that they are officially open. That means I am heading down there today to get myself a shake. They did say they will be having a grand opening next week but did not say what that entailed just yet.

You may remember that the Shake Out building was struck by a vehicle over a year ago and they had a lot of repairs to do. They were originally supposed to reopen in March and then of course, COVID 19 put a damper in those plans.

Now they are officially open and you can get yourself some good burgers, fries and a milk shake. They have some of the best milk shakes I have ever had in my life. Lots of different flavors as well. It was one of the first places I went when I first moved here and I was so sad when it the vehicle went through the building.

We will keep you updated as we find out more about the grand opening event next week. For now, it's milkshake time.

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