So how does Inferno Paintball Party?

They like to bring in some Repeat It Or Delete It bands like One Dead Crow, One Second Till Forever, and Foolsbane...then they sprinkle on a BEER GARDEN sponsored by The Cove and top it all off with a hefty helping of Paintball Action!

Inferno Paintball's Party starts at 10 AM and goes till dark this Saturday!

Bring your own equipment or it's just $20 to play!

That gets you everything you need: gun, paint, equipment, and admission!

If you've never been to Inferno Paintball, here's all they have to offer:

  • Inferno Paintball’s outdoor facility has a 10,000 square foot speed ball course, plus a five thousand square foot rec ball course.
  • Rentals are available, paint is $40 per case, and admission scores you all day air! Call 358–3478 today!
  • Inferno Paintball in Jerome is Southern Idaho's Premiere Paintball Experience.
  • Located in Jerome, Idaho on Highway 93 (8 minutes north of Twin Falls), Inferno Inc thrives on competition, camaraderie, and quality group fun. Whether seeking a new family activity, getting the friends together, or hosting a business skill-building exercise, Inferno is a sure shot for a great experience. This activity is set up for all ages and genders to come and share a good time. Fire away and let the enjoyment hit you.

Inferno Paintball, just north of the blinking red light on Highway 93 in Jerome.  Call them at 358–3478 today!

Hit the events page for more!

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