Each week during Repeat It Or Delete It Season Three, I’m featuring local/regional bands/musicians.

This week, lets meet the band One Dead Crow.  One Dead Crow has been on Repeat It Or Delete It since it started back in 2009.

One Dead Crow is comprised of Trampas on Vocals (who's currently working as a tour guide in Alaska, he'll be back), Tony (Guitarist and studio engineer), and Mark (Drummer and PR Pro).  Currently, One Dead Crow is looking for a bass player...hint hint!

I have had the honor to watch One Dead Crow grow over the past three years while I have been doing Repeat It Or Delete It and each year, each show, they definitely grow and just keep getting better.

Also, I think One Dead Crows sound is HOT.  It's some sexy ish.  It's some satanic baby making music.  :-)  Plus the entire band is made up of just a bunch of down-to-earth Idaho boys!  And now...for the lightning round with Mark from One Dead Crow.

Lighting round questions:

As for One Dead Crow's music, the song they will feature on Repeat It Or Delete It is called "Dark Sexy" and here it is:

What's that you want more One Dead Crow? You can get it during Week Three of Repeat It Or Delete It when One Dead Crow takes on takes on Week One AND Week Two Winner Paul Castronova.

Contact Tony from One Dead Crow about studio recording via email: Tony06291@gmail.com

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