It's no surprise that moms and dads work their tails off trying to provide for a family and run a household. That being said, I think Mothers Day and Fathers Day are important holidays. It seems like over the years we have made a big deal out of Mothers Day. There are Mothers Day brunches, lunches, spa days, trips, etc. and fathers seems to get the same old tie given to them every year.

A new survey from KRQE, asked what people would do if they could only celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day.  Not both!  78% of people surveyed said they'd celebrate Mother's Day, and only 22% picked Father's Day.

Here are the top five reasons people choose Mothers Day:

1.  Mom deserves the attention more.
2.  We feel like we have more in common with our mom.
3.  She's the one who actually had to give BIRTH.
4.  We just like our mom more.
5.  Mother's Day just feels like a more important holiday.


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