When it comes to poultry laws in Idaho, there are various websites claiming that the sales of chickens after sundown violates state law. I did some research on this, and wasn't surprised by what I discovered.

This week I came across two websites that stated that the financial exchange of domestic fowl--in this case chickens--after dark, is illegal in the Gem State. It's one of those things you initially read and think, that can't be true. This type of transaction would be next to impossible to enforce anyway.

Both Only In Your State and a Facebook page titled, "Meanwhile, In Idaho," both have references to this alleged law infraction, and neither seems to give any sort of legal backing to the claim.

I poured over all of the state animal division laws that the Idaho State Department of Agriculture website had to offer, and found no mention of such an infraction. If the claim has any validity, it's nothing that has an online paper trail.

The claim that anyone attempting to follow through with the sale of domestic chickens after dark must get permission from their city's sheriff also doesn't appear to "hold water." If you are someone who is involved in these types of sales and have any doubts on the information I've provided you, then I would just recommend you not schedule any evening chicken dealing, just to play it safe.

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