A new study has named the fast food chain Taco Bell as being the nation's favorite Mexican food destination.

The newest Harris Poll which surveyed more than 70,000 people nationwide who were asked to rate 3,000 different businesses, resulted in Taco Bell getting top honors, according to a story at theguardian.com.

I can tell you that Taco Bell is not my family's favorite Mexican Food restaurant, but it is the one we frequent the most when cravings hit. This is purely due to low cost, which increases the frequency one visits, in my opinion. You can easily feed a family of four for $20 at Taco Bell, but you can't say the same thing for a sit-down, Mexican restaurant.

So, when you factor in cost, it's not really surprising that Taco Bell was named America's favorite. Harris' winning brands from 2017 include The Cheesecake Factory, Chick-fil-A, Ben & Jerry's and Papa Johns, to pull from just a couple of categories.

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