When you talk about amusement parks, you don't have an option in Twin Falls so you have to look at other places and three get brought up frequently: Lagoon, Disneyland, and Silverwood. I've been to Lagoon dozens of times and Disneyland a few times, but I have never been to Silverwood. Honestly, up until recently, I didn't know it was an actual amusement park, I thought it was more like a museum that had a few rides around it.

Where Is The Silverwood Amusement Park In Idaho?

The Silverwood Theme Park is in Athol, Idaho a few miles north of Coeur d'Alene. To get there from Twin Falls is a 9-hour and 20-minute drive that takes you through Oregon and Washington and then back into Idaho. Yeah, it's faster to travel through two other states than to drive up the Idaho border to get there, though that is an option that adds about 10 minutes to your drive.

What Is There To Do At The Silverwood Theme Park In Idaho?

The Silverwood Theme Park touts more than 70 'rides, slides, shows, and attractions. There's also a waterpark nestled inside Silverwood called Boulder Beach. There are dozens of roller coasters and slides that range in intensity from low to medium to high. Looking at their website, it seems pretty cool and has a good variety of ride options.

Is The Silverwood Amusement Park In Idaho Worth The Drive?

The main question I'd have about visiting Silverwood from Twin Falls is the distance. I love the rides at Lagoon and it's less than a three-hour drive to get there. For me to drive 9 hours it would have to be a pretty spectacular amusement park. Especially since I could also just drive an additional two hours in the other direction and be at Disneyland.

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If I were up north I would definitely check out Silverwood but until then I'll live vicariously through these YouTube videos:

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