Flashing your car's lights at other motorists can be misinterpreted by many Idaho drivers. What if a person does it to simply alert other traffic for the need to slow down for safety reasons or because a speed trap is nearby?

Lately, I've had more and more drivers flashing lights at me to let me know a police officer is up the road with a speed gun aimed and in hand. The act takes many by surprise, and some might find it more annoying than helpful.

 I'm grateful when people do it because I have a bad habit of speeding.

This roadway courtesy happened to me twice on Wednesday as I was driving to and from work. The most common reason someone flashes their lights at a passing car at night is to let the other driver know they have their high beams on. Daytime flashing is usually done because an animal is in the roadway such as a deer or dog, or because a highway patrolman/patrolwoman has set up a speed trap.

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How do you view these instances where you're being tipped off to a speed trap? I'm grateful when people do it because I have a bad habit of speeding. Some drivers have been pulled over by police because they claim the act interferes with their job. It's a topic that has been debated for decades, but no real crime has been committed by the flashing motorist, according to most state laws. The only time it could be considered illegal and an issue is according to Idaho laws that state:

1. It's illegal to use your high beams when following a car closer than 200 feet.

2. It's illegal to use your high beams when oncoming traffic is within 500 feet.

So, flashing your lights at another car could be considered against the law in Idaho.

Do you have a habit of alerting other Idaho drivers for this reason?

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