JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) The days are numbered for a rest area along Interstate 84 in Jerome County, however the Idaho Transportation Department isn't quite sure how many. The I-84 Junction U.S. 93 Eastbound Rest Area, or commonly known as the I-84 Jerome Rest Area, just west of the Twin Falls Highway 93 exit is at the end of its lifespan. Regional ITD Spokesperson Nathan Jerke says the facility was built sometime in the 1970's and is showing its age. That has led to discussion on the future of the facility and whether or not to tear it down and move on.
Jerke says there is one possibility of contracting with an area truck stop to provide parking and bathroom facilities, however those discussions have no time table as does the closing of the rest area. ITD will keep the facility open for as long as it is safe to do so and is no hurry to close it, according to Jerke. The westbound rest area that was located just east of the I-84/Highway 93 interchange was removed in the mid-90's. Jerke says an agreement with a truck stop, known as "Oasis" Rest Areas, would come with specific requirements which include outside access to restroom facilities 24/7.
There are two other similar arrangements ITD has with private entities, one of which is off I-15 at the Flying J Truck Stop in McCammon. There travelers have access to the restrooms, water fountains, vending machines, and phones. Customers are not required to purchase merchandise from the store. Jerke says the I-84 Jerome Rest Area was built at a time when not much existed in the area. Now, there are more amenities available to travelers down the road and surrounding areas.

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