My sister reminded me it was National Wing Day.  In a text as I was getting ready to leave work.  So, I didn’t get a story posted until now.

I’ve driven all the way to Bellevue for the wings at Mahoney’s

Growing up in Western New York State they were called chicken wings.  Buffalo wings came later, as a nod to the city where the delicacy came about in 1964.  It was a good two decades before wings started catching on nationally.  I’m still partial to the original but am impressed by the variety of recipes people have come up with over the last 30 years.

I bought wings with a powdered ranch favored rub once and was greatly impressed.

A note on dipping wings.  When did ranch dressing become popular?  No self-respecting Buffalonian (and I realize I might be oxymoronic) uses anything but blue cheese dressing.  Thick with chunks of cheese!

Still, there are some great places for wings in Idaho.  I’ve driven all the way to Bellevue for the wings at Mahoney’s, finished the order and then turned around and gone home with no other stops.  The owners are good people, other than being Packer fans.

Many restaurants are offering wing specials.

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