There are so many maps of Twin Falls on Etsy, you'll have to try real hard to not end up with one. The good news is some of the maps are very unique. And, yes, some are kind of scary, too.

This artsy thing is a map of what Twin Falls probably looked like in 1724. Not really, but it is an old map.

Most of us who live in Twin Falls love Twin Falls. But, I'm betting that even we don't love Twin Falls as much as the lady holding this map. There's nothing R-rated here, but she does not appear to have clothing on. If you care, this Twin Falls map is available in multiple colors as being displayed by the lady.

It appears this map portrays a love for Idaho since it has a heart in the middle of it. It's hard to see Twin Falls thanks to all the color which can be had in red, green or blue.

This map shows what Twin Falls looked like back in the 1920's when there were only 3 people riding horses yelling at each other cause one refuses to cross the intersection at Blue Lakes and Pole Line.

What to say about this one? This Idaho map is certainly colorful. It also shows Twin Falls being attacked by a small redheaded baby man. And, we know how dangerous tiny redheaded people can be.

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