You made it. March 20 is here. It's spring in Idaho. Let's celebrate the lack of winter by looking at some great ideas for building a treehouse.

Swinging bridge with tree in the middle

Say what you want about our neighbors in northern Idaho, but they know how to build treehouses up there. This is a rather simple design, but love the fact that the tree is the focal point right there in the middle. You have to love the very accessible swinging bridge that looks safer than most treehouse ladders.

Would you like a spa in your treehouse?

This Australian dude is a genius. Not only did he build his treehouse with a very fancy finished wood floor, but managed to add a spa to it. My regular house doesn't have one of those. No fair.

Let's not forget that we have kids

Who better than HGTV to turn to when it comes to housing in trees. They shared this design which kids love because it includes a zip line. Wow.

Forget the regular house - Let's just live in the treehouse all the time

The Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet create a home in the trees that no one in their right mind would want to live in the one on the ground.

If would prefer being a little more realistic with your design, the Instructables website has a good how-to of the basics of treehouse building.

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