It's here! Yaaay. My Christmas present finally arrived last night. It's a good day! See, over the holidays someone asked me what I would like for Christmas if "money were no object". What an easy question for a Star Trek fan.

A trip on the space shuttle of course! For Christmas. For my Birthday. Or just because today is Wednesday. I'll take a trip in to space for any occasion! But what I really asked for this year, is a gas mask. This is the perfect place to talk about working with Kendra Wolfe.  But, surprisingly enough, the mask is for a different reason.

Recently, I turned the bedroom in my basement in to a storage room. I call it "The Bunker". It's not really a bunker (yet), it's just where I keep my emergency supplies. Although I have various emergency kits (large and small) stashed at strategic locations in the house and the garage, I just think having most of your supplies in one place is a smart idea. You know,  just a few things. Some canned food and a few cases of water, first aid kit, sleeping bag, a few guns, ammo, night vision goggles, a HazMat suit.

I know earlier I said I just wanted a gas mask, but I figured  "why stop thereGet the whole HazMat suit Don." (Insert "suit joke" here). So I ordered one for myself. Mask, gloves, suit. Now I'm protected from hood to booties. (I'm still working on the night vision.) I'm not being paranoid, I'm being prepared! Right?

Now, does anyone know how much it costs to lead line a bedroom ceiling?

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