Last night, I was driving through a light misting of rain and noticed that the moon looked really cool as it came up through the clouds. Plus, since we are close to Halloween I imagined that this is what it looks like when the werewolves get anxious!

As I was staring at the moon, something awesome was happening on the other side of the United States. NASA sent another rocket into space last night. It was filled with supplies and research to the International Space Station.

Just last month we were all excited and talking about Eddie Braun and his rocket jump over the Snake River Canyon - which was awesome, but when did that event become more important or impressive than when NASA shoots a rocket into space?

Do we not care about space travel anymore? When I was a kid, we took a special trip and drove from Utah to Texas to see one of the launches of Space Shuttle Endeavor and it was awesome!

Also on the crazy side - at 10pm, there were still baseball games going on by the radio station!


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