We can never be 1000% sure, but I think it’s safe to say Idaho is finally done snowing.

That said, it should officially be Spring, and we're probably going to move right into Summer. With that comes a whole new slew of fun activities and things to do, but it also means it’s time to get our homes in order!

Keep scrolling for 10 Spring cleaning jobs every Idahoan makes sure to do 👇

Lowes recently put out a Spring-Cleaning Checklist, and it’s good, but I noticed it was missing some things that I KNOW every Idahoan does… or should do.

For example, cleaning your cars and finally taking down your Christmas lights. Listen, if you're reading this article after March and you haven't taken down your Christmas lights yet, that's some bad juju and this is your sign to take em' down haha!

Spring Cleaning GIF By One Chicago

As for cleaning your cars, that's my personal favorite Spring cleaning project. I try to do a full car clean once every quarter, but it's always so nice once the weather gets a little warmer, because the car stays cleaner for longer etc.

Lastly, my other favorite on the list of 10 cleaning projects below, is cleaning the grill and starting that up for some delicious food — who doesn't love warmer weather and firing up the grill?!

Keep scrolling for 10 Spring cleaning jobs every Idahoan makes sure to do 👇

10 Spring Cleaning Jobs Every Idahoan Does (Or Should Do)

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