Whether you’re leaving Idaho permanently, temporarily, or even just for vacation… you know it’s a hard state to leave and an easy one to embrace when you come back. We've all been there, when you’re just returning back home from a week-long vacation… doesn’t it feel so great to be back in Idaho?

Every time I leave the state for whatever reason, I am always so happy to come back home.

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Sure, Idaho can be a little rough around the edges at times, and I know right now we don't necessarily want any of our secrets about the good things in Idaho getting out to the general public (at least more than they already are out) because too many people are moving here... but Idaho truly is an amazing place to live.

That said, when people move away from Idaho, there's always things they really miss. In fact, sometimes they miss those things about Idaho so much that they actually regret moving, and some people even move back to Idaho just to have those things back in their lives again.

For me personally, I think we're in a really weird (not good) spot in our country right now, and I can't imagine living other places that don't have some of the unifying things that Idaho has.

Keep scrolling for 6 reasons people who move from Idaho say they actually regret moving, and 76 photos to see just how much Boise has changed over the years 👇

6 Reasons People Who Move from Idaho Say They Regret Moving

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