No, seriously - we can't figure it out! How in the world is a house that is essentially built for Idaho still for sale?

It's been relisted a few times...

We found a home that, at first glance, many would think isn't worth the $6.5 million price tag but when you look closer, it's actually a steal.

Here's the thing though - how and why is it still for sale? It's beautiful, isolated, and basically what everyone imagines when buying a property in Idaho.

Sure, it only has 3 bedrooms to go with 3 bathrooms, but you'll also be sitting on a whopping 83.95-acre lot. Also, the home itself is around 4,395 square feet so it's not like you're getting a "small" home by any means.

And just because we're saying it's "isolated", we don't mean you're completely cut off from civilization. According to the listing, it's only 30 minutes from Boise which means you won't be too far from the city but far away enough to not have to feel like things are crowded around you.

So, why is this beauty still for sale? Is there something lurking in the woods? Is the house haunted?

Take a look and let us know - would you pay $6.5 million for this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house?

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