It's about time that we accept that people will continue to flock to Idaho in droves. We get it, the things that come with new people in the Treasure Valley can be annoying: traffic, rising costs, etc.

Today, we're looking at it from another perspective: let's help people who are thinking about moving to Idaho.

Don't move to these Idaho towns

Using information from MoneyInc coupled with crime data from Neighborhood Scout, we discovered which five cities in Idaho are thought to be the "worst."

Some of the factors include crime (of course), but another key metric that stood out was the disparity in pay between men and women. For some women in these Idaho cities, it can be extremely difficult to get a career off the ground with a pretty glaring pay gap.

When it comes to crime, the metric used is the likelihood of you becoming a victim of a crime. It's a scary stat but one that has to be considered, especially when you see the Idaho town that took the number one spot.

Do you agree with this ranking? Let us know your thoughts and which cities should have been ranked higher or lower!

Moving to Idaho? These Are The Worst 5 Idaho Towns To Live In

Here are the top five cities you need to avoid if you're moving to Idaho...

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We're not stopping there! If you want to look at the other places that might be too expensive to live in, we have you covered.

As a matter of fact, one of the most expensive towns in America is right here in Idaho.

10 Most Expensive Towns in America Include Idaho Town.

The home value-to-income ratio was calculated for each town and metro by dividing an area’s median home value by its median household income. The larger the ratio, the more expensive homes are relative to an area’s median income.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

What's that? You want to know where you can live that's both affordable and good for your family? Check out these ten towns right here in Idaho...

Idaho's 10 Most Affordable Towns for Raising a Family

Updated in 2023: Here are the 10 Most Affordable Towns in Idaho according to HomeSnacks.

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