Idaho is an amazing place but it's not without its quirks. There are a lot of things in Idaho that don't make sense and we've covered that with the weird laws of Idaho in the past.

Recently, I took to social media to ask you what were some of the weirdest things about Idaho. One response, in particular, was downright shocking and something that I personally never knew about the state of Idaho.

You can nurse your baby while operating a vehicle.

That's right, according to Title 49 Chapter 6 in Idaho legislation, you can do just that:

PASSENGER SAFETY FOR CHILDREN. (1) No noncommercial motor vehicle operator shall transport a child who is six (6) years of age or younger in a motor vehicle manufactured with seat belts after January 1, 1966, unless the child is properly secured in a child safety restraint that meets the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 213...

The law goes on to list the exceptions that include... wait for it...:

(b)  When the child is removed from the car safety restraint and held by the attendant for the purpose of nursing the child or attending the child’s other immediate physiological needs.

Is anyone else terrified?

But wait... it gets "weirder"!

While that was one of the more shocking revelations, there are a few other things that people find incredibly "weird" about Idaho. Let's see what they're saying...

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