For those of you who get a kick out of snooping around alleged paranormal hot spots, two highways in the western United States share a dark history of unspeakable violence and misfortune. Southern Idaho and Central California are both home to what many consider cursed, paranormal roadways.

I've never had any sort of experience in my life that I would describe as haunting. Therefore, I don't believe in spirits or specters. It was only recently that I began believing in extraterrestrial life due to the sworn statements of high-ranking military officers and the convincing videos that have surfaced in recent years from the United States Air Force.

We've all been on a long road trip at some point and due to the combination of darkness and fatigue believed we witnessed something strange or out of the ordinary along the side of the road. There have, however, been an unusual amount of unexplained reports from Idaho and California drivers near areas that were both sites of historic atrocities.

Highway 91 near Preston, Idaho, has had its share of reported anomalies. Pacheco Pass in Central California is considered cursed by many state residents due to its high number of fatalities and other bizarre occurrences. Is it a coincidence that both of these scenic routes also happen to pass through Native American massacre sites?

The Bear River Massacre took place near what is present-day Preston, and just off of Highway 91. Hundreds of Native Americans were killed by American troops in 1863, and many people believe they've seen and experienced paranormal activity in the area.

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Pacheco Pass connects the California cities of Gilroy and Monterey. An Indian massacre is alleged to have occurred in the 1700s along this route, and there are dozens of other unfortunate deaths that have been reported on the roadway as well. Apparitions in period attire, strange lights and noises, and other ghostly images are what these locations have in common.

Again, these destinations might make for an interesting road trip for those who find this sort of stuff irresistible.

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