It seems that everywhere you go these days, everyone is asking for a tip. Picking up food, going through a drive-thru, or even the grocery stores these days all seem to be seeking a tip. We all work to earn money, but tips should be earned and not expected. Society has come to expect tips, even if service is lousy. This is the sad reality we live in these days. Some jobs rely on tips like delivery, waiting tables, and other services, but the employees still need to show good customer service to earn a good tip. A sign that everything and everyone wants tips to be handed out is that gas pumps could be asking for tips now, but how should customers feel about it?

Gas Pumps Asking for Tips

The picture above is making its way around the internet and it has caused a stir. Nobody is sure if the picture is legit or photoshopped, but the fact that is a question should show that society is a little too happy these days. The fact many are assuming a machine that you use yourself would ask for a tip should be ridiculous, but sounds like something that would happen today, or shortly. What is the purpose of tipping a gas pump, when gas is already overly priced, and nobody wants to pay for it? If someone is pumping the gas for you, then a tip would be justified, but to get out and fill the car yourself, there is no reason to spend money on a tip unless you don't enjoy your money.

Earning Tips in Idaho

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

The odds of gas pumps receiving tips are slim. The option could be on the screen, but nobody will willingly tip a gas pump. It didn't do anything to earn a tip. Sadly, there are many workers who today expect the same. If you don't tip well, you are considered a bad person, or the term 'Karen' gets thrown around often. Perhaps these people not tipping workers isn't because they are trying to be cheap, but because they want good customer service and aren't sure what they would be giving a tip for. Tips are intended to be earned based on good service and hard work, not for showing up. A good waiter and waitress will always receive a better tip than one who only brings water and never checks the table. Someone who goes above and beyond at the tire shop or changes your oil should be given a tip, compared to the employee who looks angry and rude. One thing Idaho knows is hard work, and that ethic needs to be practiced to receive tips, instead of being like a gas pump and only being present. 

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The next time you go to the gas pump, make sure to pay attention and see if there is a screen asking for a tip. Make sure to not fall for it and not waste your money if it does. Make sure to also not tip too much if the service you seek at businesses around are not up to par. Tip when it is justified. It is not a requirement and that money should be earned, not a given. Make sure to not set your standards too high though, as in some cases a tip is still justified, but the amount perhaps is not.

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