Idaho Red Cross Offers Flood Safety Tips
Boise, ID, February 7, 2017--With fluctuating temperatures across much of our state, the American Red Cross urges Idahoans to be prepared for flooding that can occur as a result of rapid snow melt and ice jam breaks.
“The Red Cross is always ready to help when people are displaced as a result of floo…
Tips For Warmer Temperatures
Temperatures heated up very quickly over the weekend. As temperatures rise there are a few things we all need to remember. Here are some quick safety tips to remember for Idaho's hot summer months:
Tip Your Waitress! – But How Much?
Over the years in order to work in radio, including myself and many of the others who have the "sickness" have needed other jobs to support our radio habits.  Most of those jobs include those that rely on you to tip!
Ways To Make Your Cell Phone Less Cancerous
So yesterday we learned that according to the World Health Organization, using your cell phone may cause cancer. Well that sucks, considering my job basically requires me to be connected 24/7. So if your like me and you can't toss your cell phone, here's some helpful tips on how to make …