There are impressively talented artists in our area. It’s kind of unfair, actually. For those of us with no skill in creating aesthetically pleasing displays, we feel a bit left out. Stick-figure cartoonists unite! Rebel against the artfully blessed. These persons with an aptitude for visual display can keep it to themselves.

Twin Falls Looking For Art Submissions for Beautification Project

Electrical Box Art
Credit City of Twin Falls

Making Twin Falls more interesting through art is not necessary. Just a mundane electrical box is enough. The fact that Twin Falls is accepting applications for this beautification project should be completely ignored and discouraged. Don’t tell your friends and family about the Twin Falls wrapping project. If we don’t divulge the information about the deadline for art submission being February 28th at 11:59 PM, maybe nobody will submit one.

What Kind of Art is Required, and Where Will it Be Displayed?

So what if the winning submissions are digitized into vinyl wraps to be displayed on all 4 sides of electrical boxes for all passersby to see at busy intersections on Blue Lakes, Shoshone, and Washington Streets? Why does it matter if the medium can be an illustration, painting, quilt, photograph, or mosaic?

Twin Falls to Pick 5 Designs for a Paid Art Project

You can save the city money. They plan to pay $1000 for each of 5 images to create wraps for electrical boxes at various intersections around town. Those boring eyesores function just fine without something to spice up a drab and dreary existence. Tell the city that the money would be better used in boring green or grey paint. Something interesting to look at that enhances the beauty of Twin Falls is entirely uncalled for.

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Your lack of aptitude for anything visually expressive should be acknowledged. Don’t let these powerful artists make you feel bad. Everyone should be equal. That means equally drab. Resist pretty things.

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