Eating out is supposed to be a quick and easy way to have a meal, but times have been changing and it isn't as simple as it used to be. After a long day at work, or when out running errands, going through a drive-thru is supposed to be a fast way to get dinner for the family or grab lunch, go on your way, and move on to your next errand or do other things during the night. It used to be a way for people who didn't feel like cooking to get food so they could go home and kick up their feet and enjoy resting after a long day. With the way things have changed, fast food chains aren't what they used to be, and if things don't change soon, some may have to close or change the way they operate.

Fast Food Prices on the Rise

Credit: Photodisc
Credit: Photodisc

Everything is going up in price, but when fast food meals are costing as much as sit-down restaurants, that is a problem. It used to be you could feed a family of four or five at a fast food drive-thru for around $30, but nowadays it costs families closer to $70 or $80. Prices are continuing to climb so much, that it has families eating out less, or going elsewhere when they decide to have a meal out of the house. For the cost of going through a drive-thru, a family can go sit down and have food of better quality, and healthier. As the prices go up, and families decide to eat elsewhere or make a sandwich at home instead, the business will decline for these chains, which could force some of them to start closing locations across the country. 

The Cost of Eating Out

Credit: matthewennisphotography
Credit: matthewennisphotography

The cost of fast food has gone up everywhere, and when things rise just a dollar or two, it isn't as noticeable, but prices have increased significantly, and many are taking notice, and making adjustments. Part of the rise across the country is the increase in minimum wage. To pay employees more, the cost of the food has had to go up. Some of it is due to the effect of the pandemic a few years back, as supply and demand for many items have changed and companies across the globe have raised their prices on products that the chains need to purchase. The customers are the ones who are suffering, and long-term it could cause the chains to eventually suffer as well. 

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It is unlikely that major chains will suffer, as despite the costs, many will continue to eat at their favorite places. It is better to pay a little extra and enjoy your favorite meals than to know what you are missing and pass on good food. If the costs continue to increase the way they have, eventually many may have to make that tough choice, but for now, you may have to cut back a meal or two a week or month to save money.

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