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Korean BBQ Cupbop Coming Soon To Twin Falls
The rumors were true! The Korean Barbecue restaurant Cupbop is coming to Twin Falls and will be opening soon. They are located on Blue Lakes where the old Subway used to be kind of by Wendy's. you can't miss their big bright sign.
Blaze Pizza Gets Permit to Build in Twin Falls
A new national chain pizza shop has gotten the thumbs up to begin construction in Twin Falls. Last month, the city of Twin Falls approved a building permit for Blaze Pizza to begin work on a building that is currently under construction near the Dick's Sporting Goods shopping complex
We Need More Fast Food?
I've read some off the wall statistics before, but this one takes the cake - no food pun intended. There's a website that's claiming that Twin Falls is falling behind when it comes to fast food and bakery options. I know. Crazy, right?
Worst Fast Foods?
I like fast food. It's convenient, yummy and my whole family likes it. But, have you ever ordered something from a fast food restaurant that wasn't yummy? According to, their is one, not so delicious, item on every fast food menu.

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