How hard do you think you work? What do others consider working hard? This seems like a relative determination, but WalletHub put together a list of cities (at least 1 in each state) that are considered to be the Hardest-Working Cities in America.

Try not to be insulted that your city is not on the hardest-working list. This list does not include metro areas, just city limits. Making sure each state had at least 1 city seems like the numbers must be skewed to include every state.

Should Idaho Work Harder, or Work Smarter?

Boise lands right in the middle at 53rd. But is that a bad ranking? Does that mean we know how to balance ourselves, or that Idaho doesn’t concern itself with what other people think? Boise ranked 34th last year. Maybe Idaho has just learned to work smarter. We are most definitely not lazy in the Gem State, so it goes to show we know how to get the toughest jobs done in the most efficient way possible. Maybe we can aspire to be last on the list next year. Challenge accepted.

Source: WalletHub
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What if the data showed that any 1 state had no city that meets the criteria of hard-working? Which states wouldn't appear on the list?

What Kind of Factors Determine a Hard-Working City?

WalletHub weighted direct work factors at 80% of the score. These included average workweek hours, employment rate, the share of households where no adults work, the share of workers leaving vacation time unused, and idle youth. Indirect work factors were 20% of the score and included commute time, the share of workers with multiple jobs, volunteer hours, participation in groups or organizations, and leisure time.

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