The weather is warming up, and while spring break has come and gone, many people are still traveling and getting outside again. Summer isn't that far off and soon many of us will be taking vacations and road trips. When traveling across the country or state, there are always tourist traps or attractions to see. Every state has them, and sometimes a whole vacation is planned around one, while others are a quick stop on the way to your final destination. These attractions can sometimes be amazing and other times they may be a disappointment. Idaho is home to one of the most disappointing and overhyped tourist attractions in the country.

Worst Tourist Attraction in Idaho

Benito Baeza
Benito Baeza

Falling for tourist attractions happens to the best of us. You hear or see something online or on television and think you have to see or go to a certain place. Perhaps you see billboards on a road trip and after a certain amount, you have to stop and see the hype. An article on Explored Planet listed some of the most overhyped and worst tourist attractions in the county, and Idaho was included on the list. According to the article, the Craters of the Moon is one of the worst attractions to go to and will leave tourists disappointed. 

Craters of the Moon in Idaho

Picture by Bill Colley.
Picture by Bill Colley.

According to the article, you only need ten minutes to enjoy the park, and then after that will be disappointed. Expectations may be high for some, but pictures online should give a hint of what you are going to see. Yes, the name makes it sound cool, but unless you plan on hiking around the area for a bit, there isn't a whole lot to see. Don't expect a ton of wildlife or fun things to do. The area does make for great star gazing, but many tourists likely don't stick around that long. 

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Craters of the Moon makes for a good day trip, especially from the Magic Valley, and is a place every resident should visit at least once, but it likely isn't worth road-tripping to from a long distance. Is it one of the worst attractions in the country? Perhaps, but it all depends on what you are into. To see the list of more overhyped and terrible tourist attractions around the country, make sure to click the link above. It may help you avoid some of them this summer as you vacation, or influence you to see if they are as bad as the article says. 

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