UPDATE Monday 03/25/24: Idaho has an even better chance at seeing the Northern Lights tonight. Get the full story at this LINK.

There aren’t many heavenly phenomena that can inspire as much awe as the aurora borealis. It’s no wonder they were the subject of many stories and legends.

The beautiful and ethereal lights don’t show up everywhere at any time and you could see it Saturday night in Idaho.

Where in Idaho is the Best Place to See the Aurora?

Auroroa Forecast
Credit NOAA

Since Idaho stretches to the northern border of the United States, there is a better chance for us to see the Northern Lights than people living farther south.

Idaho Cities to See Aurora
Credit NOAA/Canva

A trip north tonight might gain a great reward Saturday night. You can stay overnight in Coeur d’Alene and head farther north, or head farther north to Bonners Ferry and stay even closer. The weather forecast may not be in your favor for perfect viewing, though. The forecast calls for variable clouds with a chance of snow and temperatures below freezing.

What Causes an Aurora?

The aurora isn’t just in the northern hemisphere. Down on the other side of the equator, it is called the aurora australis. Auroras are more often visible closer to the north and south poles.

Solar storms give out charged particles. After traveling millions of miles, they run into the earth’s magnetic poles. These solar storm particles proceed to heat molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere and the magic lights appear.

The different colors are due to different gasses being heated. Oxygen offers the green in the aurora. Purple and pink are heated nitrogen.

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Is the aurora borealis heavy? No, it's pretty light.

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