When it comes to eating in Idaho there are plenty of types of foods to choose from, and it can often be hard figuring out what to eat each meal. There are great places to eat across the state, and many places offer great breakfast food, steaks, hamburgers, and chicken. One of the best foods to eat is a chicken sandwich, but finding out where to get one, can often be a task. There are many options, but when it comes to fast food, there are certain places that stick out, yet debate ensues on who has the best. Who truly has the best chicken sandwich in Idaho, and where is the nearest place for you to get it?

The Best Chicken Sandwich in Idaho

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A recent study by Reader's Digest ranked the top eight fast food chicken sandwiches in the country, and Idaho is home to the top seven, with six of them having a home in the Magic Valley. Sadly, the number one chicken sandwich used to be in the Magic Valley, but no longer has a home here. According to the study, Popeye's is home to the best fast-food chicken sandwich in America. For all of those in the Magic Valley who complained and said that the food wasn't the best, they were wrong, and the best sandwich was kicked out of town multiple times. 

The Best Chicken Sandwiches in the Magic Valley

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With Popeye's being the best chicken sandwich in America, who has the best in the Magic Valley? Coming in at number two on the list is Chick-fil-A, which is no surprise. Coming in at number three on the list is KFC, with Wendy's coming in at number four. Rounding out the top five is Culver's, giving the Magic Valley four of the top five places. The list is missing some notable restaurants, such as Sonic, Carl's Junior, and Jack in the Box. To see the full list, make sure to click the link in the paragraph above.

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For those who didn't support Popeye's when they were in the Magic Valley, you doomed us all when it comes to chicken sandwiches. Luckily, there are still plenty of good options in the area. Try all the ones on the list and see if you agree or disagree. There are some good options in the area, but who do you think has the best chicken sandwich in the Magic Valley?

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