It may be short-lived, but some years produce small glaciers in parking lots, along roads, and in residential yards across the Magic Valley. Nobody knows when they will appear. There is no predicting when they will disappear once they have developed. Un

Short-Lived Man-Made Glaciers Have Good Qualities

Children delight in neighborhood glaciers that can grow overnight. They instinctively gather to them and take advantage of their looming slick existence for as long as possible. Gliding down the outside of larger mounds is most popular, but smaller heaps are known to produce intricate tunnels and even an occasional fortress to defend from marauding invaders from the next block wishing to engage in the centuries-old tradition of snowball fighting.

Some People Hate Magic Valley Glacier Season

Adults find these glacier-like parking lot mounds most unappealing. They are found blocking desired parking spaces and can remain for days, weeks, or in some cold seasons, even months. It doesn’t seem to matter where these mysterious heaps propagate, drivers will complain about them.

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In January 2024, these masses found their way into the Magic Valley once again. Their images have been captured by Magic Valley residents. Gaze upon the wonder and beauty of these fleeting sights before they melt into memory until months and sometimes years have passed.

Some years, these minor mountains are fleeting. In other years, they remain in shady areas well into the spring season. Honor the Magic Valley Ice Age totems of winter. Their magic graces our lives so temporarily. Find the joy in their existence.

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