Everyone is looking for a piece of time with Santa. Jolly old St. Nicholas has plenty on his plate this time of year. Getting this close to Christmas, his social calendar is quite full. So, if you want an in-person meeting with the Big Guy, there are a few opportunities.

See Santa at the Twin Falls Public Library

On December 16th from 11 AM to 1 PM, children (and adults) have a chance to go on an indoor storywalk and do fun activities with Santa as a special guest at the Twin Falls Public Library.

When is Santa at the Magic Valley Mall?

If you want a photo op and conversation with Santa while the family shops, you can stop by the mall. His calendar allows for some one-on-one time at varying times through Christmas Eve. If you want to get a chance to see some other beloved Christmas characters, go for the 14th. Story Time complete with milk and cookies may also be an option, but Saturday looks booked, so shoot for Sunday.

Maybe Santa Can Stop By Wherever You Are

If there is still time to book it, Santa May be able to come to you. Only super nice people get on that special list, though. Who wouldn’t want a visit from the Head Elf after a busy day?

Credit N8
Credit N8

For those who think meeting Santa is too intimidating or would like to give a written message, there is a way to get a letter from Kriss Kringle. Drop a letter in the Santa Mailbox in Downtown Commons Twin Falls before December 18th, and the jolly elf himself will return the correspondence.

However you choose to get him the message, Santa will be happy to hear from you. Maybe ask what his favorite cookies are and put them out on Christmas Eve before bed. Don’t forget treats for the reindeer.

The Santa Mailbox in Twin Falls

Send to Santa and get a note back.

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