What makes up the idea of romance? There is an excitement and mystery involved. What will happen next? Where is this feeling going to take you? Will they or won’t they? Plenty of ideas make up what romance is to a person.

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Does romance have to be planned and thought out, or is it just something that happens? Is a wedding proposal that takes 6 months to plan any more romantic than just asking on an afternoon lunch date? How does romance get a definition? It seems to be something very subjective.

Which States Have the Most Romantic People?

Where in the U.S. can you find the most romantic people? Each state gets a grade for how much research they do online. There are points for marriage rates. And how much does each state average in spending for Valentine’s Day? Put that together and you get a pretty good perspective as to where you should go next to find your special someone. These people get it right from beginning to end.

Which States are most and least romantic
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Idaho hits in the top 5, so we must know how to romance right. Maybe North Dakota does Valentine’s Day so well because there’s nothing else to do there in the middle of winter. If you’re looking for someone to sweep you away in romantic bliss, avoid Oregon.

Bookies.com wants to make sure people don’t spend too much time and money on sports. Make the effort to spend an evening, perhaps Valentine’s Day out with someone, and maybe research and buy something as a nice gift BEFORE you head to the party to watch the game.

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