When it comes to mountain lions, they are some of the most majestic creatures to see in the wild, but also the most dangerous. Anyone in Idaho who hikes is fearful of running into one of these massive cats. They have been spotted in the area many times throughout the years, and often leave a path of destruction when they are around. They attack animals, humans, and are known to be aggressive. Nobody wants to come across their path, and many think they have a plan of how to handle the situation if they ever do, but planning for it and being in the moment are two different things. Sadly, over the weekend, two brothers in California came across a mountain lion, and the story did not have a happy ending.

Mountain Lion Attacks Two Brothers in California

Over the weekend, two brothers in California went for a walk in the wilderness near Placerville, California, before coming across a mountain lion. These brothers reacted the way they should by making themselves bigger and making loud noises, yet the big cat still attacked. It first went after 18-year-old Wyatt Brooks. His older brother, 21-year-old Taylen, then attacked the animal to help his brother. Wyatt was able to call 911, but sadly, his older brother succumbed to his injuries in the process of saving his younger brother. Wyatt is home recovering, after suffering injuries from the attack. Taylen and the mountain lion were found by officials, and the mountain lion has been euthanized.

How to Handle Mountain Lion Attacks

Despite the brothers handling the situation the best they could, there is no way to truly prepare for a mountain lion attack. You can't predict what an animal is going to do, and the fear and actions that go through your body in that situation can only be known at the moment. It is always best to hike with someone, as proven above, one of the brothers is alive today because he had someone there to help him. Making yourself bigger and being loud can delay and sometimes prevent an attack, but may not always work. This story is heartbreaking, and your heart goes out to the family when these boys did everything they could in a bad situation. 

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To read the full story, make sure to click the link above, and check out the clips to get the full details. With mountain lions spotted in the Magic Valley, it is important to know to never approach them, and that these wild animals have a mind of their own and are unpredictable. If you spot one, do not approach it, and make sure to contact authorities immediately.

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