The calendar has flipped to March and spring is fast approaching. Sadly, it isn't here yet and the rain, snow, and wind continue to make themselves known across the country. While many are anticipating the return of nice spring weather, the wait continues. The good news is that spring isn't far away, but before the nice weather arrives there is one day that many across the country must suffer through. One of the worst days of the year is taking place this weekend, and it has many already dreading it, and hoping to avoid it in the future.

The Worst Day of the Year in Idaho and California


This weekend will mark one of the worst days of the year every year, and many are groaning about it and asking for change. Daylight Saving is happening this Sunday at 2 AM, and this time the clock will spring forward an hour, causing many to lose some sleep, and perhaps be late to church this weekend. Many have been clamoring to join Arizona and Hawaii and do away with the time change altogether. While it won't happen this year, the hope is that it will in the near future. 

Daylight Saving Time this Weekend

Credit: Sonja Langford on Unsplash
Credit: Sonja Langford on Unsplash

The time change appears to be happening earlier and earlier and will last longer this year than in the past few years. This year, the clock won't fall back again until November 3, making almost six months of extra daylight. The change has been frustrating for years, and yet year by year goes by and nothing has been done to stop the time change. Will it ever end? Time will tell, but it won't be happening anytime soon.

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The good news is that phones, computers, and most clocks these days automatically update, making the time change a little easier. There are still watches and clocks that need to be changed manually, but it beats the old days of changing multiple clocks in a home before going to bed on Saturday night. If you forget to change them, your phone will serve as a nice reminder these days. It's only one day of losing sleep, but it often takes days or a week to catch back up. Enjoy one of the worst days of the year this weekend.

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