Emergency crews responded to a crash involving two vehicles on Tuesday, November 7th at about 7:30 AM. The Rock Creek Fire Department was on the scene. While trying to get equipment to render aid, a firefighter was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

The firefighter had returned to the truck to get a bag to render aid to one of the people involved in the crash. While in this process, the firefighter stopped another driver from getting into a collision with an oncoming vehicle:

The female driver stopped and let the oncoming vehicle pass, then accelerated to go around the fire fighter. The vehicle hit the fire fighter, and the impact spun the fire fighter around and pushed him into the parked fire engine. He was subsequently transported to the hospital.


The female driver was driving a smaller, blue SUV with 2T plates and was traveling west bound on 3900 N (Addison Ave) towards Twin Falls. There should be some damage to the passenger side front panel or mirror. The driver was described as wearing a baseball cap with brunette hair.

Anyone with information about the incident or the identity of the driver is encouraged to contact SIRCOMM at 208-735-1911.

There have been several accidents involving pedestrians reported recently in Idaho. Drivers are encouraged to be aware of the possibility of pedestrians near cars on the side of the road.

On Saturday, there was a fatality accident involving a pedestrian near Minico High School.

On October 25th there was an incident involving an ISP trooper and a pedestrian.

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