When it comes to eating fast food, hamburgers are what most people prefer as their go-to. There are some great burgers around the country, and many options to choose from. To see who has the best fast food hamburgers in the country, click the link, but when it comes to fast food meals, rarely does someone only get a hamburger by itself. The best side to pair with a hamburger is French fries, and there are many ways to prepare them. Some places have perfected this, while others do not have it figured out yet. When it comes to French fries there is one place that stands out and lays claim to the best in the country and it is in California.

The Best French Fries in America

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Having good fries with a hamburger can often dictate where a person goes. Places may have a good burger, but bad fries can ruin the meal, which is why it is important to know who has the best fries when it comes to fast food. A list from worldtraveling.com ranked the best fast-food French fries, and the results are a little surprising. The third-best fries in the country are at Raising Cane's, with the second-best being at McDonald's. Who was able to knock off the king of fries? According to the study, the best fast-food French fries can be found at Checkers/Rally's. 

The Best French Fries in California

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California is home to 44 locations of the best French fries in America. Unfortunately, there are no Checkers in the Golden State, but there are Rally's. Most of them are in Southern California, with three in San Diego, two in Los Angeles, and many spread throughout the suburbs of both cities. The shocker on the list has to be somebody beating out McDonald's. Many think of them as the best fries around, and to not see them on top of the list is surprising. If you want the perfect fry and burger combo, according to the study, you need a hamburger from The Habit, and fries from Rally's on the west coast. 

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The next time you are looking for a good order of fries, make sure to find the nearest Rally's or Checkers. If you are looking for the best combo, you may have to make a few stops, but your stomach may thank you later. To check out the full list and to see where other fast-food places rank, make sure to click the link above.

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