When the holidays roll around, many people get excited about shopping, the Christmas lights, the Christmas music, and everything that comes with the time of year. After a long year, it is the payoff many of us have been waiting for. It is a chance to spend time with family, enjoy classic movies and classic music, get some awesome gifts, and get a few days off of work. While all of those things are great and something to look forward to, another great part of the holiday season is the variety of Christmas cookies. Other holidays have select candies that go with them, but nothing beats the variety, the amount, and the deliciousness of Christmas cookies. Everyone has their favorites, and the debate continues year after year, but which cookie does Idaho enjoy the most during the holidays?

What is the Best Christmas Cookie in Idaho?

Source: Getty Stock / ThinkStock
Source: Getty Stock / ThinkStock

There are a variety of treats to enjoy during the holiday season. Candy canes, chocolate, mints, and candy are all good, but the cookies are the prize of the holiday treats. The question is asked yearly of what cookie is someone's favorite, but it isn't that simple to answer. What counts as a cookie? Does peanut brittle count? Do chocolate turtles? What about fudge? It is hard to define what category every treat falls into. For this poll though, we are going to focus on cookies only. Who makes them can play a factor in which one you like at the moment, or perhaps you prefer store-bought ones, but when it comes to grabbing the first cookie off the tray of the season, which one are you looking forward to eating for the first time in nearly a year? 

Vote for the Best Christmas Cookie

Instead of debating and arguing every year, how about we let the people of Idaho decide? Close your eyes, and picture your favorite Christmas cookie. The one you want the first and last of. It can be from your childhood, homemade, store-bought, or made by someone special. Click above for your favorite cookie. You can vote once per day from now until the end of Christmas night at 11:59 PM. Once the holiday season has passed, we will check the poll and see which Christmas cookie Idaho enjoyed most this year. 

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Make sure to come back daily and vote for your favorite cookie. Perhaps a friend introduces you to a new one this year, or maybe you try one you've had before but someone else has made it and it jumps up your list. Make sure your favorite cookie wins, so Idaho can share what you are enjoying through the holidays. If you have one you want to introduce, stop by and drop it off, and we can add it to the list if it passes the taste test.

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