Yellowstone National Park is a very popular destination for those of us who live in southern Idaho. The drive is beautiful and only takes about four hours from Twin Falls, and those who have plans on visiting the park in the coming months can always count on our fellow human beings doing something incredibly dumb while we're there.

I've had the great privilege of visiting the country's first national park about a handful of times. If it weren't for Yosemite, Yellowstone would be my all-time favorite national park I've visited. The one thing I always find myself saying each time I'm wandering the park's incredible grounds is, "What the hell is he/she doing?"

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"Touron" is a name that popped up on the Yellowstone Park radar a few years ago. The name can apply to anyone who ignores park rules and attempts to interact with wild animals at dangerously close proximity.

In 2022, I shared numerous stories with my readers regarding these halfwits who try to hand-feed or take selfies with bison or other park creatures. It usually never ends well, and tourons have been paying the price for their foolishness for decades.

The most recent park upload I came across was recorded just days ago. It shows a massive bison grazing on a hillside. The footage appears to be taken near a Hayden Valley lookout point, judging by the landscape. A folding chair with food in it was left on the hilltop for these magnificent animals to walk right up to.

A national park isn't someone's personal picnic spot. The proper way to enjoy these wonderful animals is to keep a safe distance back and not set chairs and other belongings out in areas that are known to have large amounts of animals wandering and tourists walking. Come on guys!

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