The blizzard of 2024 has come and many in the Magic Valley are feeling its effects. Some have been hard at work to clear their sidewalks and driveways, while others have accepted their fate and realized it will be days before they leave the house. Due to the heavy snowfall and the below-freezing temperatures, not much snow will likely melt, leaving many stuck at home. Due to the road conditions, and the fact that it is Martin Luther King Day, schools are likely to be closed on Monday. As closures come in, the list below will be updated, but currently, here are the schools closed for Monday, January 15.

School Cancelations and Delays in the Magic Valley

  • Pinecrest Academy - No School
  • Xavier Charter School - No School
  • Lighthouse Christian - No School
  • Hagerman Schools - No School
  • Wendell Schools - No School
  • Hansen Schools - Delayed 2 Hours
  • Gooding School District - No School
  • Dietrich School - Delayed 2 Hours
  • Minidoka County School - No School
  • North Valley Academy - No School
  • Twin Falls Schools - No School
  • Bliss Schools - No School
  • Immaunel Lutheran School - No School
  • Cassia County Schools - Online Learning Day

School is Still In For Twin Falls

UPDATE: Twin Falls Schools have announced this morning that they will indeed be closed, due to the inability of the buses to safely navigate routes and poor road conditions. 

Twin Falls released a statement earlier this evening stating that schools will be open as planned tomorrow. If something changes through the night, parents will be notified in the morning, before the buses begin running. Make sure to check back in the morning.

Martin Luther King Jr Day

William Lovelace, Getty Images
William Lovelace, Getty Images

Some schools in the Magic Valley have Mondays off already, so they will follow their normal schedule. Other schools will be off for Martin Luther King Jr Day and would be off, even if the road conditions were good. Parents should be aware of these for their districts since it would have been scheduled at the beginning of the school year. 

Winter Storm Hits Magic Valley

Credit: Jochen Sand
Credit: Jochen Sand

Over the weekend the Magic Valley was hammered with snowfall. The storm made its way into the area Thursday night, and the snowfall continued to fall off and on until late Sunday morning. Residents were encouraged to not get out on the roads unless it was a dire need. Those recommendations haven't changed much, as the snow hasn't gone anywhere, and the roads are tough to drive on. Crews are hard at work to clear the roads, but if you can stay home, stay home.

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As more closures are announced through the evening into tomorrow morning, the list above will be updated. Check back frequently to find out if your child's school is canceled. Be safe and don't get out if you don't have to.

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