What would you do? What would you do if you had a guest who was unwanted in your home, but wasn't getting the hints that it is time to leave? Does it matter if they are family, a friend, or someone else's guest? Does the reason they are at your home play a factor? It can be tough at times to be rude to guests, especially during a holiday, but when they are unwanted or have stayed past their welcome, what would you do?

Unwanted Visitors in Idaho

Credit: KrisCole
Credit: KrisCole

With spring happening, you may be visiting friends and family, or perhaps you have friends or family visiting you, but guests are typically only welcomed for so long before they begin to drive their host nuts. You might be an unwanted visitor and not realize it, or perhaps you are hosting one. It is in most people's nature to put on a smile and make their guests feel at home, but if you have one that has worn out the welcome, do you let them know, do you drop hints, or do you let things ride and hope to get to the day until they leave? There is keeping peace through a visitor's stay, and then there is torturing yourself. It is a fine line, but getting the guest to leave earlier is the ultimate goal, how do you go about it? 

Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests in Idaho

Credit: mk. s on Unsplash
Credit: mk. s on Unsplash

When it comes to handling the guest, depending on the person and if it is a holiday or not might dictate what you do. During the holidays, most would let things slide a little more and suffer through the visit, but for a party or a visit for fun, you may need to let them know that it is time to get out. Some friends and family members are oblivious and it might be best to be blunt and let them know they need to find a new place to go. Others may be observant and pick up on little hints and recommend that they leave themselves, which is the best scenario. If you are a people pleaser and afraid of hurting feelings or losing a friend, you may stay silent, deal with it, and then complain to anyone who will listen once they are gone. 

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If you have any visitors this spring, and they are no longer welcome, you may have a decision to make on how to handle the situation. If you are visiting friends or family, look for signs that you may no longer be wanted. The next time you have to decide what to do with an unwanted visitor, what would you do?

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