What would you do? What would you do after planning and making adjustments to accomplish your New Year's resolutions, when you fail and can't see them through? Do you jump back on the horse and start over? Do you count it up as a loss and try again next year? Do you make new adjustments and try something new? Seeing New Year's resolutions through is tough, and it takes tons of commitment and accountability, but they are usually goals set to improve life. Failing once can be degrading, but what you do after is what matters. When you do slip up the first time on a resolution, what would you do?

Failing New Years Resolutions

Credit: tommaso79
Credit: tommaso79

For many, when a new year begins, they view it as a new beginning. It is time to throw out the bad habits, leave them in the past, and work on changing and being a better person. For each person, this looks different. For many, this means losing weight, gaining muscle, changing diets, going to church more, perhaps drinking or smoking less, or trying new things. New Year's resolutions are nothing new, as every January people begin the new year optimistic that this is the year they finally see their resolutions through. Despite the best efforts, most people fail and eventually, these resolutions become a thing of the past and something to try again next year. For some, it takes days, others weeks, and a few months, but the failure is something many anticipate. When it does finally happen, the response is key to how the rest of the year will play out, but what would you do if you dropped the ball? 

How to Succeed in New Years Resolutions

Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd
Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd

While failing at a resolution can be disheartening and discouraging, it doesn't mean you have failed for the year. Skipping a day of church, smoking a cigarette, having a drink, skipping a day at the gym, or eating cake does not mean that you have failed at your resolutions. Instead of giving up, try again the next day and start over. Resolutions are about bettering yourself, and if you continue to work on losing weight, quitting smoking or drinking, or going to church more, if you mess up a few times but succeed most of the time, then that would be a successful year. You could get down and continue on bad habits, or you could view it as a setback and start again.

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If you set New Year's resolutions this year and find them hard to do every day and eventually fail, don't let it get you down. You can choose to try again the next day and continue to better yourself, or you can give up and try again next year. If the time comes that you can't succeed in a New Year's resolution, what would you do?

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