Trick or Treating is a tradition and something most kids look forward to every Halloween. While some families are against it for religious reasons, candy reasons, or safety reasons, more often than not kids dress up and enjoy the holiday and the sugar high that follows. Times have changed recently and going door to door isn't as common as it once was. Trunk or Treats are the new thing and allow families to safely celebrate the holiday, but despite the concerns, trick or treating door-to-door is still safe in 2022, despite what many may think.

Trick or Treating in Twin Falls is Still Safe

Six children in costumes trick or treating at woman's house
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While the news has made it sound like kids will be handed drugs, razor blades, or kidnapped on Halloween, that isn't the case. The media has spooked families for years into thinking the holiday tradition is dangerous, and while times have changed, your children should be able to experience it as we did back in the day. While these stories may be scary and have happened, it doesn't mean that they are happening around here and that every house is handing out drugs and weapons. How many people have you ever known to get drugs or a razor blade in their Halloween bucket?

Candy Laced with Drugs on Halloween

Children Trick Or Treat In Brooklyn On Halloween
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While parents are afraid of their kids getting drugs in their candy, it is highly unlikely to happen for a few reasons. Drugs aren't cheap, and if somebody is buying them, making them, or growing them, they are not going to give them away for free. There is too much money in the drug business and in these hard times, nobody will be giving kids their product when they can sell it for a hefty amount. There is also no benefit to giving the kids drugs, as the person giving them would never know if the child took it, the parent, or what reaction a person would have, Why waste product if you don't see the result? While it is possible, it is highly unlikely.

Unwrapped Candy on Halloween in Twin Falls

Halloween candy
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Any responsible parent knows to go through their child's Halloween bucket after trick or treating for a few reasons. Most importantly, you need to collect your candy tax and get some of the good stuff for yourself. Also, it is important to check any unwrapped or opened candy and throw it away. There could be a razor blade in a piece of candy, but also in today's disease-driven world, it is best to not take any chances. By checking the candy, and taking what your child can't eat as well as anything opened, they should be safe.

Unsupervised Trick-or-Treaters in Twin Falls

Credit: Ryan McVay
Credit: Ryan McVay

With drugs and unwrapped candy covered, the only real issue left is the possibility of kids being kidnapped. As long as you go with your child or children, there shouldn't be any concern. If anything, kidnapping a trick-or-treater may be the worst time to do such a thing. There are many families out that night and if somebody's kid went missing, there are multiple possible witnesses and someone is bound to see a kid approach a door and not return. Supervise your children, and there is no concern. 

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While trunk or treating is a fun and safe bet, why not enjoy both this Halloween? There are tons of trunks or treats in the area to enjoy, but there is something special about going door to door the way it used to be done. It may seem unsafe on the internet and from the media, but if you decide to go door to door, you may end up with more candy than you hoped, since many avoid it these days. Be safe this Halloween and have fun. 

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