Law enforcement can’t confirm it, but a strange twist does raise the possibility that an arsonist is at work along the Snake River.  The initial wildfire along the river on the Jerome County side appears to be accidental.  One of the balls on a high-tension power line appears to have burned and then fell while flaming on some brush below.

On the same day, there was a second fire on the northern rim.  Then the next day, a third fire almost directly across the river on the south side.  Coincidence?  Possibly, but investigators will examine all the evidence before concluding.

If it was a guy who likes to play with matches, we’ve got a problem.  It would show a blatant disregard for property and life.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the canyon rim is far more developed than it was just a few years ago.  Entire housing developments could be endangered by fire, whether from natural causes or a firebug.

The penalties for accidentally touching off a wildfire are stiff.  Both criminal and civil.  Intentionally trying to harm others?  Good golly, that’s serious.

I take note that everywhere I go in our modern times I’m on camera.  For someone playing with fire, someone may be watching you reach climax.  It’s not always a good thing, but nobody is any longer alone.  Including criminals.  This being Idaho, it’s also a way to get dead and fast.  I’m not endorsing it, but if someone sees you starting a fire that endangers his family, he may look to deter you with a bullet.  Stay safe and confine your fires to the backyard grill.

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