Those southern Idaho pet owners that use CBD oil or hemp products to treat pets for various ailments will no longer see the products on Idaho store shelves beginning November 1, 2022.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture recently deemed CBD oil unsafe for use on pets, and therefore state stores will be required to cease sales of these products in just a few weeks, according to CBD oil has been available in some state stores for years, and some data has shown that pets benefit from having it added to their food to help with pain, anxiety, and seizures.

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I have never used CBD oils on my pets, but I know several dog owners that swear by it. I have a friend who noticed a drastic change in her dog's overall quality of life after she began treatment on the animal's hip a couple of years ago.

CBD oil comes from a certain strain of cannabis plant and has been used to treat both humans and pets for cancer, depression, and other diseases for many years. This new Idaho sales ban will no doubt anger a number of Gem State pet owners that have seen improvements in their pets from such products.

Pet owners in Idaho will have to research other ways to treat their animals now that these hemp oils have been determined to be illegal within state boundaries for use on animals. For more information on CBD oil and its perceived health benefits, click here.

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