My parents paid $6,000 for their first home.  Granted, it was in 1961, but it had four bedrooms and measured 1,850 square feet.  My dad added a second bathroom to meet the needs of a growing family.  The commode probably cost 20 bucks in that era, and possibly less.  Even with inflation, $12,000 for a pot sounds mightily expensive.

A friend from Camas County dropped me a line.  He explained a plumber he knows is installing the $12,000 toilet at a residence in Blaine County.  The plumber added that the price doesn’t include his working fee.  For that cost, he commented the device should pull up your pants for you.

My parents would’ve thought the price was a great waste.  They both grew up in homes where an outhouse served the purpose.  On cold winter nights, the family didn’t venture outside.  There was a communal bucket.  In the morning one of the children was designated to walk through the cold and to empty the collection.  Living large was a two-holer in the backyard.

Look, someone built the expensive toilet.  The business and the workers made money.  That’s a good thing.  But isn’t this the same community that had tents put up to house the service workers who couldn’t afford housing?  The people who clean the $12,000 potties are using buckets for their own business.

The virtue-signaling liberals who live there don’t see the irony.

By the way, a liberal who won’t speak with me face-to-face sent me a nasty message today about another bathroom story I wrote this week.  First, thanks for the page view.  Number two…

If I wrote about number two, the guy would take it personally.

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