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I’ve made it to seven out of ten, but none in autumn.  Last year, Only in Your State produced a list of ten great places to see when it comes to fall in Idaho.  This guide was perfect last year because we had a warm spell well into October.  I’ve done some traveling in the Mountain West well after Labor Day and sometimes have encountered snow.  Once in the Tetons, I had several feet on both sides of the road.

Some years ago I was just north of the Bitterroot Mountains and shortly after I left, the weather took a nasty turn, and three feet or more of snow fell.

It’s worth the risk and I’ll tell you why.  I believe the light is more diffuse and you see more vibrant colors.  The same on cold mornings.  It can be below freezing as the sun rises and 70 before sunset.  In my opinion, I get better pictures on those cold mornings, even as I see my breath rising from my mouth.

From a cost perspective, you’ll often find hotel and motel rooms drop prices after the summer tourist season.  It may be the best price you’ll see all year long in places like Ketchum.

I’ve been doing some scouting on costs and things I would like to see before winter.  I love autumn vacations, however.  There’s a cat at home.  A friend used to drop in and feed and water him while I was away (I put out multiple litter boxes so friends aren’t tasked with that chore).  My friend is no longer available.  I would travel with the cat but he doesn’t like driving.  Heck, he can’t even reach the breaks.  Unless I can find some alternative, I’ll be doing mostly day trips.

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