We haven’t had this much excitement since the threat from killer bees.  They came from the other direction—South of the border.  The newest invader is coming from the north.  Canadian superpigs constitute some serious bacon.  Some can be as large as 400 pounds and the feral animals are terrorizing the prairie provinces.  Now they’ve been spotted in North Dakota, and nothing appears to stop the advance.

They breed almost like rabbits and sows can have litters of a dozen or more.  The gestation period is just three and a half months.

The animals are a hybrid.  Canadian farmers imported some large foreign pigs from overseas.  The idea was to breed them with their herds for a larger and juicer slab of bacon.  Then the pork market tanked.  Some pigs were set free to forage on their own.  Others escaped.

What kind of a threat do they pose?  They’re as quick as Canada’s fastest skater, with a top speed of 30 miles per hour.  They also have a taste for other living animals.  They have a taste for venison.  They can chase down deer.

Efforts to control them have proved futile.

They could spread across the wilds of the western states within a few years and have developed an ability to tolerate frigid temperatures.

Fish and Game agencies across the country are currently making contingency plans, but the best we can do is find a way to manage the arrival of the pigs.

As an aside, they pack a punch when it comes to flavor.

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