We couldn't make this up if we tried. A 17-year-old Utah boy is dealing with the consequences of a string of alleged incidents involving taping dead fish to state bank machines.

There are so many different angles a writer can take when presenting a story like this to the public, but I'm choosing to just present the facts as we know them. Numerous news sources in Utah including Fox 13 have reported on a story involving a teenage boy, some tape, and a few fish. It's been reported that this young man has been uploading videos of himself using tape to adhere dead fish to automated teller machines in multiple Utah cities.

Utah Teen Caught Because He Posted His Crimes On Social Media

Police in Utah weren't amused and discovered the boy's identity through social media. Charges have been filed as it is illegal to tamper with ATMs. The boy claimed he was just goofing around and meant no harm, according to reports. Some animal rights activists might consider these acts to be sole-less. I'm sorry, but it had to be done.

Not to defend this young man's actions, but kids are doing much stupider things in this day and age. I would argue that taking part in viral challenges like having scalding hot water thrown on you or consuming chicken marinaded in NyQuil is far more idiotic than dangling a cigarette from a fish's mouth and sticking it to an ATM.

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The combination of cameras mounted inside the banking machines and the information provided on the teen's social media page made this arrest easy for Utah police. We just hope this boy gets the help and support he needs and doesn't spend the rest of his life flounder-ing about with no real purpose in life.

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