A New Gym is Opening Soon in Twin Falls, Idaho

Residents of Twin Falls, Idaho, are about to welcome a new addition to the fitness landscape with the construction of Fit1, a gym that promises to enhance the local fitness community by offering a wide range of services and amenities.


About Fit1

Fit1 is poised to provide a comprehensive fitness experience with its array of gym services and equipment. Members can look forward to using an extensive selection of machines, and an abundance of free weights while enjoying amenities such as tanning beds and saunas. Additionally, Fit1 will offer training and a variety of fitness classes to cater to all fitness levels and preferences.


Gym Hours and Services

Fit1 will offer 24-7 access to its members for early risers or night owls.  Fit1 will offer tiered membership options with packages that range from basic facility access to premium offerings, including exclusive amenities like sauna and tanning services. The gym will also host fitness classes spanning yoga, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and cardio, further broadening its appeal to the fitness community.

Fit1 will also offer family packages and guest passes, providing options for visiting friends and relatives.

Expanding the Fit1 Footprint

With successful locations in Rexburg and Rigby, Idaho, Fit1 is now extending its reach to Twin Falls. This new facility, located at 2525 Addison Ave East, is strategically positioned to serve not just the residents of Twin Falls but also those living in nearby areas. The Addison location is about a 10-minute drive for most Kimberly area residents. 

Opening Date and Additional Information

While an exact opening date has yet to be announced, Fit1 is targeting early fall of 2024 for its grand opening at the 2525 Addison Ave East location. If you'd like to learn more about Fit1 Gym and the fitness opportunities it offers, you can find additional information on its website.

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