Does Bigfoot pooh in the woods?  A new film with a comic twist hopes to answer the question.  Sasquatch Sunset may be the most bizarre movie since Quest for Fire.  In this sense, the main characters express themselves in grunts and groans.  The picture has been previewed by some audiences at film festivals, and caused many to get up and walk out!  Why?  Some scenes could be off-putting.  In one, some of the large hairy creatures spend some time marking their territory by doing number one and number two.  On-screen!

In another scene, one Sasquatch pleasures himself and repeatedly sniffs his pleasuring hand (like Democrats!)

Needless to say, the movie may not provide laughs for some.  It reminds me of a scene in a Monty Python film when a glutton loses his dinner and explodes.  When I saw that one, 40 years ago, there was a collective eeewww from many in the audience.

Sasquatch Sunset is described as an arthouse movie, which means you probably won’t be going to your local mall to see a showing.  Cheer up, though.  Some members of my listening audience claim to have seen the creatures in the wild.  But not marking territory and nobody I know making the claim has taken a picture.  I suppose if you’re running in fear you’re not grabbing the smartphone and lining up a photograph.

While the movie surely won’t be a blockbuster, among reviewers, there appears to be a soft spot for the story, and the beauty of the mountain scenery.

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